Tracy McGrady questions James Harden’s trade request amidst Joel Embiid’s MVP success

Photo: Philadelphia 76ers/Twitter

Former NBA star Tracy McGrady recently shared his bewilderment regarding James Harden’s trade request. Harden demanded to be traded, expressing a preference for the Clippers as his landing spot. McGrady couldn’t understand the decision, given the superstar’s remarkable teammates, including MVP Joel Embiid.

In an interview with GQ, McGrady expressed, “That makes zero sense to me. James has probably played with more Hall of Famers than anybody in the league, and he doesn’t have a ring to show for it. It’s got to be something deeper than what you know. Get over it, man.”

With the 76ers in the mix for a championship, Harden’s trade request has raised eyebrows among fans and fellow basketball legends alike. The question remains: what exactly prompted his decision to seek a new team?

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