Titan Sub Tragedy: “Presumed Human Remains” & Mangled Debris Recovered

Titan Sub Tragedy: “Presumed Human Remains” & Mangled Debris Recovered

UPDATE: The U.S. Coast Guard has found “presumed human remains” near the Titan submersible wreckage on the ocean floor, the organization said June 28. Medical professionals will conduct an analysis of the remains, which were “carefully recovered.”


New details about the Titan submersible catastrophe have surfaced.

Nearly two weeks after the Titan went missing at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, damaged debris from the sub have been brought to land.

Photos taken in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, on June 28, show crews at the Canadian Coast Guard Pier unloading multiple pieces of the Titan—including what appears to be black landing gear from the sub—off the Horizon Arctic ship, per the Independent.

The recovered pieces of the sub surfaced almost a week after the U.S. Coast Guard announced on Twitter June 22 that a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) had discovered debris in the area near the Titanic.

Officials confirmed that the debris was from an external part of the submersible, which had gone missing June 19 during an expedition to the wreckage of doomed 1912 ocean liner, in a press conference later in the day. The Coast Guard further stated that the salvaged pieces of the sub were “consistent with the catastrophic loss of the pressure chamber.”

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