TikToker Nina Dixon posts that she and her daughter, 15, are mistaken for twins

She’s got teen spirit! 

A 33-year-old mom-of-three from the United Kingdom is sometimes mistaken for her 15-year-old daughter’s twin. 

Nina Dixon posted a series of videos to TikTok in which she detailed her experience of looking much younger than her years. 

In one video posted last month, Nina holds her youngest daughter, who is still a baby, along with the caption, “When people ask me if she’s my first child and I say no.“

She’s later joined on screen by her lookalike 15-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son. 

Commenters on Dixon’s videos shared their disbelief of her real age. 

“Girl you and your 15-year-old could be twins,” said Jess Bowden. 

“Oh my gosh, I fully thought you were in your early 20s or less,” wrote AV. 

People sometimes ask Nina Dixon if her baby is her first child.
TikTok / @ninadixon58

“That’s amazing you look like you’re 23 or something do you still get asked for an ID?” wrote Sidney.

Dixon posted a response video to Sidney’s comment, explaining how if she wants to buy alcohol she always has to have her ID handy. 

Surprisingly, she needs her ID to purchase a number of other things as well including lottery tickets and art supplies. 

Nina Dixon looks close in age to her teen daughter.
Nina Dixon looks close in age to her teen daughter.
TikTok / @ninadixon58
Nina Dixon also has an 11-year-old son.
Nina Dixon also has an 11-year-old son.
TikTok / @ninadixon58

Dixon explained that she was turned down when she tried to buy pink spray paint, a glue gun, and a hamster without her ID. 

Dixon said when she tried to buy a hamster along with her whole family, the shopkeeper asked her: “Is your parent with [you]?”

“I just laughed it off and said, ‘I am the parent,’” she said, adding that the man at the pet store was “quite rude” to her. 

Apparently, it wasn’t until her partner came into the store that the shopkeeper took her seriously, despite the fact that her partner is four years younger than her. 

Dixon isn’t the only mom stunning people with her youthful looks. Earlier this year, Louise Young, a 45-year-old mom-of-8 from Scotland, posed with her 8 daughters whom many thought look the same age as her. 

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