TikTok Star Carl Eiswerth Dead at 35

TikTok Star Carl Eiswerth Dead at 35

“In 2016 when I first brought pro wrestling to Williamsport,” the post continued, “he was a big supporter of ours. Carl was not only a fan, he was one of us.”

The statement touched on Carl’s love for social media, adding, “He was a fun loving guy, that was full of life. He loved being TikTok famous. He will be missed by the wrestling community for sure.”

Carl had more than 435,000 TikTok followers and often engaged with them on a personal level, going live on the app to be able to talk to his fans in real time.

“Well hey everybody, how are we doing? Happy Sunday,” he said in his last TikTok clip, posted June 11. “Tonight we’re going to do a live stream with music, chat, no battles, just music. Country, pop, and rock. Come hang out with me, chill, listen to music. We’re going to have a great time. Happy sunday. Love you  guys. Peace and love.”

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