This Waterproof Phone Case Has 60,100+ 5-Star Reviews

This Waterproof Phone Case Has 60,100+ 5-Star Reviews

If you’re not 100% set on shopping, check out these rave reviews to find out why shoppers love this phone case so much.

Hiearcool Universal Waterproof Case Reviews

A shopper recalled, “Took this to Belize and decided to set it in the back of our kayak instead of around my neck. Well, kayak flips, phone goes in the water. My only mistake was thinking it floated. Sank right to the bottom. After 45 min of snorkeling in about 8 ft of water we found it and thank goodness it was airtight and never let any water in!! Note to yourself: wear it around your neck or attached to something always!”

Another shared, “Used them snorkeling and swimming on our vacation to Hawaii. Absolutely kept my phone dry and I got great pictures.”

Someone wrote, “Bought this just to protect my phone in Hawaii but decided to use it on my night swim with manta rays. It worked great!”

Another shopper admitted, “I never write reviews, but this product deserves one. About 40 days ago, I was paddle boarding in Puget Sound and I dropped my encased phone into the water. Today I got a call from the police department. Someone had just retrieved my phone from the water, and handed it over to the police. It is fully functioning. What an astonishingly good product.”

Someone raved, “This waterproof case works great! The best thing is that it kept my devices completely dry and I didn’t have to worry. The design of the case makes it quick and easy to seal shut, which is my second favorite thing. Each case also comes with a great lanyard that has a carabiner style clip so you don’t lose your case in the water.”

An Amazon customer gushed, “This was the best $10 I ever spent. We floated down a river for 4 hours. My phone was in and out of the water at least 100 times. We took tons of pictures and the quality of the photo doesn’t even look like it was in a case. Definitely worth getting.”

“I use these 30 times a summer at least and I’ve never had water get inside once. Very nice to have,” a shopper wrote.

An impressed customer said, “This is my first time writing a review for a product but I absolutely had to considering my experience. I had bought this case for a trip to the Adirondacks. I was doing a long lazy river float down the Hudson River when my raft flipped and my phone went into the river. I was unable to find my phone after and figured it was a loss. 30 HOURS LATER someone found my phone in the river and it was in full working order. They ended up mailing my phone back to me and the phone completely works. There is absolutely ZERO water damage. I cannot recommend this product more. I’ve even been telling all my friends and family to buy it. Especially considering the price it’s totally worth it.”

“Purchased this product to take on a recent family cruise. I initially purchased it to just make sure my phone was protected from moisture. However while snorkeling in the Cayman Islands I took the risk to take my phone underwater and take some pics and video. I was impressed the clarity not only underwater but also above the water,” someone reviewed.

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