This Top-Rated Spinning Shoe Rack Is Giving Us Clueless Vibes

One Amazon shopper described this shoe rack as “sturdy and gorgeous,” adding, “This is the perfect addition to our remodeled closet! It’s sturdy, super easy to assemble and fits my shoes (female size 10). You can also customize the shelving as you assemble for larger shoes, if you wish. I LOVE this shoe rack!!”

Another shopper raved about how easy it was to put the rack together. They wrote, “This was like putting a puzzle together. No tools needed. I wear a US size 10. It works good but you do have to be creative with tennis shoes. The triangle shape in each cubby could be a bit wider but not complaining. If you wear a smaller size shoe I’m sure this would be great. I am happy with my purchase.”

According to another Amazon review, “Easy to assemble. Holds a lot of my wife’s shoes and displays them nicely but be sure to turn it slowly. I put it in a corner of her closet and it takes 30″ wide and 30″ deep to be able to turn the shoe carousel with proper amount of space. She loves it and raves about it every time she goes in her closet.”

One shopper also noted that this rack was “great for organizing shoes, small purses, baseball hats” and more, writing, “This is exactly what I needed to tidy up my closet and get my shoes off the floor…it’s bigger than I expected but was able to fit in a walk in closet. Such a cute piece doesn’t really have to go in a closet. Assembly was fairly easy but did get stuck trying to align the dividers with the slots in the shelves. Have to wiggle them around a little bit but then they snap right in place.”

Yet another Amazon shopper said, “Seriously unbelievable!! So simple to fit pieces together, no screws! Holds 32 pr of my shoes, hats on top. Spins so easy! Very sturdy! I don’t know how I lived without it!”

Finally, one shopper summed it all up by calling this the “best investment.” They raved, “This is the best thing I could’ve purchased, super space saver, fashionable and helps me keep my shoes organized since I arranged them by color I’ll just put them right back after I take them off so I don’t see the empty space. Definitely recommend and it spins nicely.”

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