This is what 24 hours of our lives in Gaza look like | Close Up | Israel-Palestine conflict

We asked 10 people in Gaza to record moments of their day. The result is inspiring and heartbreaking.

Seventy days have passed since the Israeli military launched an all-out assault on Gaza following an attack on Israel by Hamas on October 7. In those 70 days, more than 18,800 Palestinians have been killed, most of them children and women.

Al Jazeera’s digital documentary series, Close Up, reached out to Palestinians in Gaza in November and asked them to record whatever they could over the course of a day on any devices that still worked – because who better to tell the stories of life in Gaza than the people themselves who are living there through the horror of siege and war?

This compilation of people’s moments provides a snapshot of just one of these 70 days of war when even the most mundane of tasks like showering, doing laundry and preparing meals has become impossibly hard, when fear is constant and palpable that at any moment death could strike from above as Israel relentlessly bombs the entire length of the besieged strip from morning to night.

The result is a story of resilience and courage.


Filmed by:

Motaz Azaiza

Hind Khoudary

Belal Khaled

Rahaf Shamaly

Jana Shamaly

Tasneem Ahel

Youmna ElSayed

Joury ElSayed

Masa Abu Aziza

Abdullah Almajaida


Directed by:

Tierney Bonini

Antonia Perello


Produced by:

Yara Eid

Ruwaida Amer


Edited by:

Antonia Perello

Catherine Hallinan

Ahmad Samara


Music composer:

Hussam Aliwat


Senior editor:

Donald Cameron

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