This 17-Piece Knife Set With 52,000+ 5-Star Reviews Is on Sale for $39

Wondering what actual Amazon shoppers think? Check out the following reviews. 

“I did hours of research on affordable knives, that also had an aesthetically pleasing look to them before finally committing to a purchase. Boy, was I glad that I did! These have been fantastic! I haven’t had to use a sharpener at all yet (Though it is recommended after so much use). I have nothing but good things to say. If you are having doubts, don’t. Just go for it! It’s a great, affordable product that looks beautiful on your kitchen counter. Make the plunge!”

“My dad is the cook in our house so I got him this set for Father’s Day. He really loved it and I’m glad I decided on this set. The all black gives the whole thing a really sleek look and the extras make it more than worth the price.”

“Nothing but good things in this gift I received for Father’s Day. Super sharp, every piece. I see no flaws or disappointments in this product. Buy it and enjoy the quality that it is. Looks great, works great!”

“This is one good-looking knife set, and the knives work very well. The thin design of the holder doesn’t take up a lot of space, yet keeps your knives very handy. If you’re short on counter space, but don’t want to rummage through a drawer to find a knife, this set is perfect. I would definitely buy this product again!”

“The knives work well, all showed up in minimalist packaging and are good quality. Came very sharp and the sharpener includes a maintenance sharpen setting and an after every use setting. Very cool. The cheese and pizza knives are definitely the stars here. I never realized I had a difficult time cutting cheese until using this. The stand is rigorous plastic and works well. I personally would have preferred wood cuz that’s just who I am but the plastic is stylistic and not disproportionately large for what’s included. If you’re debating getting this for a whole set, this is definitely worth the price.”

“This is easily the sharpest knife set I’ve owned. The color matches most of my kitchen appliances, and the unique holder is eye-catching. Forget about the name brands, Home Hero hit a home run with this one!”

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