These Bachelor in Paradise Duos Are Still On an Amazing Journey

Two prospective husbands dropped to bended knee on the beaches of Mexico and another duo left hand-in-ringless-hand (sorry Kylee!). Seriously, how could we ask for more from a Bachelor in Paradise finale? 

Falling in love within Bachelor Nation is a little bit like bungee jumping, sky diving or insert crazy franchise stunt date here: It can feel both exhilarating and scary AF and there’s at least a small risk that things won’t end well. 

But for now, a whole slew of new Paradisians are swearing that they can see forever in each other’s eyes.

“My gut’s telling me, ‘Don’t do it.’ My gut’s telling me, ‘It’s too soon,'” underwater welder John Henry Spurlock admitted before ultimately taking the plunge with Kat Izzo because “my heart’s telling me that you are amazing, you are everything that I’m looking for.”

Fellow Bachelorette season 20 alum Aaron Bryant, meanwhile, told Eliza Isichei, “I want to do this right with you. I understand what this means for both of us.” Her response as she flashed her new Neil Lane emerald-cut rock, “It’s giving fiancée.”

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