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The ambitious Ministry of State Security is deploying A.I. and other advanced technology to go toe-to-toe with the United States, even as the two nations try to pilfer each other’s scientific secrets.


Donald J. Trump plans to sharply expand his use of tariffs if he returns to power, risking disruption to the economy in an attempt to transform it.

Private auditors have failed to detect migrant children working for U.S. suppliers of Oreos, Gerber baby snacks, McDonald’s milk and many other products.


For years, Theron Truluck was living in desperate conditions in New York City, mostly on the Q train. Now he’s part of a program that prioritizes housing for people who do not have shelter.

This year, our visual stories covered a range of subjects: artificial intelligence, war in Ukraine and Gaza, the transition to cleaner energy, natural disasters and the 50th anniversary of hip-hop.


He was close with John Lennon, and had a sophisticated understanding of wine, politics and literature. He only played the bumpkin onstage.


A fake Drake/Weeknd mash-up is not a threat to our species’s culture. It’s a warning: We can’t let our imaginations shrink to machine size.

“I looked different, I dressed different,” the multi-hyphenate star said in her first interview on fashion.


The sobriety challenge can offer a mental and physical reset, and the chance to adopt healthier habits.


Meal-flavored cocktails, premium water and lots of snacks: Here’s what the next year holds for food and drinks.


The tiny Crab Museum in Margate, England, is gaining attention for its irreverent crustacean exhibits that also teach visitors about climate change and capitalism.


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