The Summer I Turned Pretty Cast Weighs in on Conrad vs Jeremiah

And of course, Gavin—whose character is spurned by Belly in season one—stood by Jeremiah. “I have always said you should marry your best friend. You should date your best friend,” he reflected. “And I think Jeremiah is her best friend.”

The 23-year-old continued, ” I think there’s a love interest and then there’s the best friend that there’s a spark with and I think that that’s going to be the right choice.”

Sean Kauffman, who plays Lola’s older brother Steven in the series, also gave his two cents. “I’ve been saying Team Belly this whole time,” he joked before answering, “I think genuinely the better guy is Conrad.”

Why? “He’s emotionally invulnerable, which does not make him better, but he also is a little sweetie pie,” Sean explained. “He’s just the cutest little thing.”

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