The Masked Singer Unveils Chrisley Family Member During Week 2

The Masked Singer Unveils Chrisley Family Member During Week 2

Afghan Hound had a dog-gone good time on The Masked Singer stage, despite being the first contestant eliminated on week two of the competition.

During the Fox show’s Wizard of Oz-themed March 13 episode, a member of one of reality TV’s most famous families was unmasked after a shaky performance of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” by The Tokens.

While making her debut on the stage, Afghan Hound gave some hints about her true identity, including images of a TV remote and a portrait of their family as dogs with two parents and three kids. 

“Just like the Cowardly Lion, every single day I tell myself to be brave,” the mystery celebrity teased. “When I was young, I would dream about what life could be like over the rainbow. And for my family and I, the dreams we dared to dream came true. Best of all, we were together—until recently.”

However, all of that recently changed.

“Suddenly, it was like our whole house came crashing down and I found myself alone, lost and left to pick up the pieces,” Afghan Hound continued. “But I had to keep going and learn to laugh through the pain.” 

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