The Hills’ Whitney Port Addresses Concerns Over Her Weight

Whitney Port is ready to make her health a priority. 

The Hills alum took a moment to get real with fans about her weight loss after followers expressed concern that she was looking too skinny on social media.

“I also want to address my weight real quick,” she began her July 24 Instagram Stories post. “I’ve gotten a lot of comments about looking too thin. At first it didn’t bother me. I chalked it up to people not knowing what my diet looks like.”

Some of these comments come as recently as July 20, when Whitney shared photos posing in a bikini on an East Hampton, New York beach. “I hope she’s alright, I’m worried about her,” one user wrote, while another added, “I hope you’re okay. Love you Whit.” A third commented, “Is no one else concerned?”

But after initially dismissing the comments, Whitney says her perspective shifted when her husband Tim Rosenman echoed fans’ sentiments.

“But Timmy brought it to my attention, as a god husband should, and said it’s not just something strangers are spewing,” she continued. “He has been worried about me.”

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