The GOG Black Friday Games Sale is Live

If you are anything like me, Black Friday is the time of year to pick up any stone-cold bangers that you didn’t play during the year. Games go on sale all the time, but the discounts are typically steepest during the Black Friday season and GOG has just kicked their sale off, with tons of games on sale, from CD Projekt, PlayStation, Bethesda, Blizzard, and more on offer.

They also have tons of retro PC games on offer, so if you dig those, this is a treasure trove. The sales continue until Tuesday, the 28th.

GOG Black Friday Sale

GOG games are as much defined by what they are by what they aren’t. Are they digital PC games? Yes, but they are also DRM-free, which means when you buy a game on this storefront, you actually own it and you don’t need a launcher to ‘check-in’ every once and a while. You just own it and can keep it on your PC or move it around however you like. Freedom is nice, isn’t it?

Hungry For More Deals?

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