The BrüMate Era Is The New It-Girl Tumbler That’s 100% Worth The Hype

If you’re in your “it girl” era, you need the BrüMate Era. Let us explain by first rewinding back five years ago to 2019, when the “VSCO girl” aesthetic was taking over our social media feeds and we were all rushing to buy the newest HydroFlask colors or proudly toting around the dented ones we’ve had since years prior. We adorned our Hydros with stickers that we felt embodied our personalities, and maximalism was the name of the decorating game. Flash forward a little time later, and just as suddenly as Silly Bandz came & went back in the early 2010s, HydroFlasks were out and Stanley Cups were in (& we’re not referring to the NHL). Around the same time, the “clean girl” aesthetic was taking hold, and the two have ruled our FYPs for the past couple years. But, in light of some recent buzz, it seems like the reusable water bottle pyramid rankings will be changing, and that’s where we’re here to discuss today. Another cup of tea, anyone?

2024 is the year of the “it girl,” and we’re fully here for it. We’re prioritizing self-care, treating & loving ourselves, doing what makes us feel & look our best, and all that jazz. Of course, with a new aesthetic (although, we’d describe the “it girl” as more of a lifestyle), we need a new representative hydration companion, one that passes the vibe check with flying colors. Enter the BrüMate Era: a first-of-its-kind water tumbler that has everything we want & need in an essential tumbler & more, from the leakproof lid (yes, even with a straw!) to the metal straw to the wide range of trendy-chic colors to boot. If you’re looking for confirmation on whether the Era hype is real, just take a look at the site — the brand is constantly selling out on both its 40-ounce & 30-ounce Eras, even with newly released colors & multiple restocks. And, it’s not just the tumbler: BrüMate is known for its stellar selection of beverage-centric products, from the shopper-loved Hopsulator Slim & MultiShaker to the spring activities-ready BrüTank, BackTap & more.

Check out each product in more detail below & get ready to invest in your “it girl” Era; your future, non-FOMOing self will thank you.

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