The Biggest Changes Daisy Jones & the Six Made to the Book

While the lead singers never kiss in the book, with their longing being expressed through their loaded looks during performances, their relationship is just as complicated in the show. At the end of episode nine, Billy says he wants to be with Daisy, but can’t leave Camila. “Can’t this be enough?” he asks, not realizing Camila overhears this conversation.

Once he is confronted by Camila, Billy angrily tells Daisy they will never be together, only to passionately kiss her during their final concert together. However, once Daisy realizes that Billy is no longer sober and he tells her, “Let’s just be broken together,” she encourages him to go back to Camila, letting him leave the stage during their encore of “Look At Us Now.”

“I’ve been in love and it hurts,” Daisy tells the crowd. “But it doesn’t have to. Love doesn’t have to be bombs and tears and blood. Love can be peace and it can be beautiful. And if you’re lucky enough to find somebody who lifts you up, even when you don’t deserve it, that’s where the light is.”

Like in the book, Daisy quits the band and checks into rehab. However, her decision is solely due to Camila confronting her after the concert about her relationship with Billy.

“She said, ‘Daisy he loves you, You know that he loves you. I know that he loves you. But he’s not going to leave me,'” Daisy recalls of their encounter. “Camila said, ‘You need to leave this band…but whatever you decide to do, just know that I’m rooting for you. I want you to get clean, take care of yourself.'”

It is that conversation that inspires Daisy to seek treatment. “It was the very best thing I’ve ever done,” she says. “It is how I saved myself. Because [Camila] saved me from myself.”

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