The Best PS5 SSD Deal of 2024: This 2TB SSD with Heatsink Is Only $90

SSD prices are trending upwards for 2024, which makes this deal even more amazing. Right now Amazon (or more specifically, Amazon Japan) is offering this Verbatim 2TB PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 solid state drive (SSD) for only $90.20. It also comes pre-installed with aslim PS5-compatible heatsink. Note that the product title specifically mentions a 2 year limited warranty. However since this item is shipped overseas, there is no guarantee on that. You do, however, have a guaranteed 30-day return policy from Amazon. Frankly, I think it’s still worth it given the low price point and the fact that it has pretty solid reviews, especially when used as a PS5 SSD. All of the other recommended PS5 SSDs cost $50 or more.

Verbatim 2TB SSD (PS5-Compatible) with Heatsink $90.20

The Verbatim Vi7000 meets all the requirements for your PS5 SSD upgrade. It supports transfer speeds of up to 7,400MB/s read and 6,500MB/s write which is well above the 5,500MB/s minimum threshold. It also includes a robust looking aluminum heatsink that fits right into the slim PS5 drive bay.

The PS5 is an outstanding gaming console, but the 1TB SSD is a real bottleneck. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, for example, can exceed 200GB alone. NBA 2K23 weighs in at 150GB and even older games like God of War: Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West require 90GB of space. Future games like Grand Theft Auto VI will undoubtedly demand even more space.

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