The 55 Most Popular Amazon Items E! Readers Bought in 2023

Do you want soft, clear skin? Of course, you do. Perhaps, you want to prepare your skin for laser hair removal or waxing. Maybe you’re in a struggle to remove self-tanner. If any of those scenarios are familiar to you, there’s one answer: exfoliation. Sure, you may think you’re exfoliating with a loofah or a scrub, but you can do so much better. Trust me on that.

In my personal experience, exfoliating mitts have been a total game-changer. Watching the dead skin fall off is a gross, yet satisfying experience. My skin feels so smooth after I shower, my lotions absorb quicker, and my self-tanner goes on much more evenly. The Seraphic Skincare Exfoliating Mitt is the best one I’ve found and it’s available for just $7. I’m not the only one who loves this one. It has 24,800+ 5-star Amazon reviews from shoppers who are just as obsessed.

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