The 4 Flat Shoe Trends That’ll Dominiate 2024

I’ve been studying the trends that come and go within the fashion industry for years, and I’ve noticed the most notable shoe styles have usually revolved around a bold look of heels or a platform sole. And when there is a more comfortable look involved, it’s more likely to be sneakers than anything else. The past year or two, however, has been dominated by flat shoes. (Let’s call it a flat shoe renaissance if you will.) With brands like Tory Burch and Prada releasing standout pairs, mixing fashion and practicality has never been so stylish. 

We’ve seen everything in 2023 from satin ballet flats to studded options, so I took it upon myself to round up the styles that I think will continue to be in high demand for 2024. Even if you’re not much of a flat shoe person (I know a few devout heels lovers), you’ll be inspired by the picks below. Much to my surprise, I found more worthy contenders than I ever would have imagined. 

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