Taylor Jenkins on officiating vs. Jazz: “F*cking atrocious”

Following the Memphis Grizzlies’ 127-121 defeat to the Jazz, head coach Taylor Jenkins delivered a scathing assessment of the officiating, leaving no room for ambiguity.

Struggling with a one-win and eight-loss record, the Grizzlies find themselves at the bottom of the NBA standings early in the season.

Jenkins, in a no-holds-barred critique, declared, “Saddle up. One of the most poorly officiated games I’ve ever seen. Record it, I’m fine with it. F*cking atrocious.”

Jenkins went on to highlight specific grievances, pointing out the treatment of Jaren Jackson, who received a double technical foul. He underscored the stark contrast in free-throw attempts, noting, “29 free-throws to 13, and I’m not that coach.”

He called attention to Jackson’s professionalism and the lack of free-throw attempts despite clear fouls. “Jaren Jackson plays 23 minutes and is in the paint all night. He’s one of the most professional players in this league and gets a double technical foul and the excuse I get is that he’s charging at an official. It’s called deescalation,” Jenkins said.

Expressing frustration, Jenkins defended his team’s integrity, stating, “Our team is competing their assess off. Competing their assess off. And this is what happens?”

The coach passionately addressed the interactions with officials, decrying a perceived lack of respect and calling for de-escalation.

“The interactions right now with the officials. Complete disrespect,” Jenkins continued. “I know what’s coming. It’s unbelievable the looks on the faces when I’m trying to engage in conversation to defend our guys that are busting their tail right now. Busting their tail!

“And Jaren Jackson’s one of the most professional guys. And if you go watch the play, two possessions in a row he gets hacked underneath the basket. Zero free-throw attempts.”

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