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It’s time for publishers to stop kidding themselves and accept they’re probably not going to make the next Destiny. And the repeated attempts to do it are hurting the games industry.

This week on Spot On, Tamoor and Lucy discuss the unfortunate launch of Redfall, and how its failed attempts at incorporating Destiny-lite mechanics may have held the game back from being something truly great. They also discuss how publisher Bethesda, in chasing a trend, has gone on a fool’s errand, just like Marvel’s Avengers and Gotham Knights before it.

Spot On is a weekly news show airing Fridays in which GameSpot’s managing editor Tamoor Hussain and senior producer Lucy James talk about the latest news in games. Given the highly dynamic and never-ending news cycle of the massive video game industry there’s always something to talk about but, unlike most other news shows, Spot On will dive deep into single topic as opposed to recapping al the news. Spot On airs each Friday.

Thank you to Crowsmack for providing the artwork used on the Spot On set. Find more of his work on his website.

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