Spencer Webb’s Girlfriend Kelly Kay Recalls Him Dying in Her Arms

Kelly Kay is reflecting on her heartbreaking loss amid her newest chapter in life.
Nine months after Oregon Ducks football player Spencer Webb died from an accidental fall, his girlfriend—who recently welcomed their first baby—is sharing gut-wrenching details about his passing. Webb’s death at the age of 22 came just one week before Kay learned she was expecting.

“I was there,” Kay told People in an article published April 27. “Spencer passed away in my arms. I was the one who pulled him out of the water and held his head until the paramedics got there. But unfortunately, he passed as they were arriving.”

As Kay noted, she was simply in “disbelief” about the rock-sliding accident.

“I died that day as well,” she said. “It’s unbelievable. The whole time we were waiting for the paramedics, I was just talking to him and telling him, ‘We’re going home. We’re walking out of here.’ There was a little glimmer of hope in my mind that maybe we were going to be okay, but it didn’t end up that way.”

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