Soulframe: Digital Extremes Reveals More Gameplay Details for Its Free-to-Play Elden Ring Competior

At TennoCon 2023, Warframe developer Digital Extremes shared new details on its upcoming free-to-play game Soulframe.

The presentation started with Digital Extreme showcasing an extensive gameplay demonstration resembling a Warframe and FromSoftware’s Elden Ring fusion. So far, the gameplay and controls looked fluid, and some gameplay showed some of the magic combat and stealth gameplay players can partake in.

Digital Extremes’ presentation included a look at the Plain of Souls and the Nightfold tent. The former, described by Digital Extremes, will serve as a village of your ancestors once you unlock more world history and progress through Soulframe.

We also saw a bit of the RPG elements coming to Soulframe, with Digital Extremes admitting that the RPG genre is “a little out of [its] wheelhouse.” The developer explained how the skillset in Soulframe is divided into three stats called Virtues: Courage, Spirit, and Grac, which are based on a fighter, magic, or assassin character seen in similar fantasy RPG games.

Soulframe’s Virtues streamlines stats commonly found in fighter, magic, and assassin build characters.

The gameplay deep dive touched on how inventory works in Soulframe. In addition to holding weapons and wear, players will also have a slot for collecting souls. In Soulframe, the Envoy (which the player controls) has their soul and heart taken from them, and the only way they can gain permanent skills is to reconnect with their ancestors and collect their souls.

One of the most interesting features in Soulframe, like Warframe before it has a feature where you can switch classes seamlessly. In Soulframe the feature is called Pacts, and each one offers three different perks; Digital Extremes showed off just two in the demo: Fey and Ode Tempest.

Soulframe was announced at TennoCon last year and is described as a free-to-play open-world adventure “heavily influenced by themes of nature, restoration, and exploration,” with some inspirations from projects such as Princess Mononoke.

Digital Extremes has yet to announce a release date for Soulframe.

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