Songbirds & Snakes Teaser Shows Rachel Zegler’s Haunting Songs

Executive music producer Dave Cobb also recalled how Suzanne told him “every single detail” about the feel, sound and inspiration for the songs she penned in the book.

“It’s going to be fun to take all this history of the British isles music and Southern music,” he noted, “and mash it all together in this dystopian way.”

The melodies—which he described as “raw and rugged”—captured Rachel’s interest right away.

“When I got all of the scratch recordings for the music,” the Snow White star said, “I just fell in love and was like, ‘We got this part right for sure.'”

Francis added that the team was “really able to capture that kind of 1920s to 1930s sort of Appalachian quality that we all loved and we were all aiming for.”

He explained, “It’s a great added element to the movie and to the story.”

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