Sheets, Pillows, and Bedding for Hot Sleepers

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How’s your sleep quality? If you’re not having a restful sleep and wake up with all your covers at the foot of your bed, it could be that your warm fall and winter bedding is keeping you from achieving better sleep.

As we transition from spring into hot summer nights, you might find comfort in swapping those heat-trapping flannel and cotton sheets for more breathable, cooling linen sheets or bamboo sheets and blankets.

Calling all hot sleepers! The best cooling sheets will help regulate your body temperature by allowing air to flow through the fabric, keeping your body temperature down, so you don’t spend the night breaking a sweat in your bedroom.

Our home shopping experts have rounded up a variety of sheet sets, light duvets, cooling blankets, and more bedding options to help transform your bedroom into a tranquil summer sleep oasis.  

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