Sharna Burgess Reveals If She’d Ever Return to Dancing With the Stars

But when it comes to who may be more of a bridezilla as they get planning, Sharna has already cast her vote.

“I’ve referred to it as my wedding a couple of times,” she explained, “so I feel like it’s going to be me.”

But Brian isn’t handing over that title quite yet. “I can be very OCD with details sometimes,” he noted. “We’ll fight it out for bridezilla.” 

And although Sharna has tangoed with the idea of returning to DWTS one day, she’ll always have fond memories of being paired up with Brian during season 30.

After Justin asked if taking their chemistry to the dance floor “spiced things up” for their relationship, the ballroom dancer quipped, “I mean, we were already spicy. We had already been together for a year.”

Brian, who said he felt the show “put pressure on us,” explained how he prioritized their love first and foremost.

“When you’re going into something and you already have a relationship going and you’re trying to make sure and walk that line of, ‘OK, it’s important to do well,'” he admitted, “but at the end of the day, our relationship came first.”

In fact, the two left the show even more jazzed up about their IRL partnership.

“I think it solidified and showed us how much of an amazing team we are,” Sharna said, “and that was really beautiful that we got to do that.”

For a look back at Brian and Sharna’s cutest pictures, keep reading.


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