Selling the OC’s Season 3 Teases Big Fights and New Alliances

The listing price of this drama is soaring.

Selling the OC‘s return is right around the corner and, if the season three trailer is any indication, the cast has upped the ante. With fights among staff, office romances and questions about whether certain realtors can cut it, season three promises to be just as addicting as its first two. 

The trailer opens with all eyes on season two newcomer Alexandra Harper, whose selling prowess the other agents are beginning to question. 

“She has not developed the experience,” president Jason Oppenheim can be heard saying, “that she should have at this stage in the game.” And for an industry that, as Polly Brindle tells her, is “sink or swim,” Alexandra will have a lot to prove as the season progresses. 

Another piece of drama taking center stage this season? The apparent fallout of agents Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland‘s developing romance, which saw the pair kiss at the end of season two. 

“You swooned me, and then you f–king disappeared,” Alex says to Tyler, who finalized his divorce from Brittany Snow last year. “What do you want?” 

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