Selena Gomez’s New Bodycare Line, Find Comfort, Is Live

Gomez chose to release a line of bodycare as an opportunity to showcase how important self-care is. “When you’re taking care of your body, mind, and soul, it’s all one,” Gomez said. “When you do take time to enjoy yourself and to find your little pockets and moments of peace, that’s something you should always be proud of.”

Find Comfort features four brand-new products: a body lotion, an aromatherapy pen, a fragrance mist, and a hand cream. Each product is packaged in purposefully made mauve vessels. (For instance, the hand cream container also doubles as a hand massager for pressure points.) “I find that this color was comforting to me personally,” Gomez said. “I wanted to do a reflection of Rare Beauty but give it its own original story.” Keep reading for a breakdown of each product. 

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