See Kate Hudson & Her Trainer’s Tips for Sticking to Your Health Goals

Honor Where You’re At.

Wellness is a journey. And as Kate put it, “The first thing is you have to connect to where you’re at and honor it.”

This means putting any pressure and judgment aside, she and Brian say, and making time to focus on your goals—even when life inevitably gets in the way.

“To meet yourself where you’re at is a huge piece,” he added. “Whether it is children that get in the way of your fitness goals, whether it’s, ‘Oh, you know what? I’m going to do that later because I’ve got to work, work, work,’ at some point in time, no matter who we are, if we do won’t take the time to actually give some of that love or some of that attention back to yourself, we’re going to continue to go down this spiral of whatever it is that we’re feeling all around. It’s an energetic thing.” 

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