See Bachelor in Paradise’s Eliza Approach Aaron B. About His Ex

After Eliza admitted she was “so confused” about what to believe, she decided to get some answers and talk to Aaron. However, his explanation didn’t exactly give her the clarity she was looking for.

“I had an ex last year,” Aaron told Eliza. “We broke up in August right before her birthday because of the toxicity in our relationship. She’s been trying to put my name out there because she thinks that I broke up with her to go on the show when the truth is I had not been talking to her since August. I got the call in December.” 

He also opened up about another ex.

“I was seeing someone else at the time, and she ended things in October,” he added. “Actually, she stopped seeing me a couple times. So, it was kind of, like, on and off—not really, like, official boyfriend and girlfriend. But she decided to end things over text with me two days after New Year’s, and that was in January. So, the fact that she says that I broke up with her to go on the show and that I had two girlfriends at once is just zero percent true.”

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