Score $150 Worth of Skincare for Just $79

“The Dewy Skin Cream is fabulous. My skin never looked so suble and radiant. The fine lines and wrinkles are not visible anymore. My skin looks healthy. I apply it 2 times a day. One jar lasts me at least 9 months. I’d never go back and use anything else on my skin.”

“My 16 yr old has really bad acne with rough patches. Dermatological creams were not working. While in Sephora she brought the sample trial size of this cream and the rice wash. Let me say Tatcha I give you high praises for your products. She only has the 10ml Dewy Skin cream and 15ml Rice wash and in a week her patches are visibly healed and softer. You can see the results and she is so happy.”

“I’ve tried this, the Silk cream, and the Ageless cream. While they are all high quality products, this one is my favorite for its skin healing properties. I have eczema and am acne prone. This moisturizer helps so much with both issues. Any acne I have clears very quickly and barely leaves any redness behind. I’m in my 40’s and would like to use the creams designed for firmness, but this one really helps the overall clarity and texture of my skin far better than anything I’ve ever used.”

“I’m 55 years old and I have had clear skin my whole life until I developed post-menopausal acne on my chin area. I started using a retinol cream, which seemed to help a bit, but my skin was getting very dry and irritated and the acne never cleared completely. I don’t have many wrinkles to speak of, but the condi!tion made my lower face look wrinkly. It was devastating. I read an article that recommended Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream for that exact problem. I’m using it in conjunction with the retinol cream and I actually started to see a difference the next day. It has been about 2 weeks since I started using it and the acne is just about completely gone and the dryness is a thing of the past. The bonus is that my skin looks amazing! It’s soft, smooth, plump and lifted. My dreaded marionette lines are dramatically disappearing. I can hardly wait for the pandemic to be over so that I can show off my skin! I seriously look 10 years younger. I’ve been buying more tatcha products and I’m impressed with all of them. I’ve used many, many skin care lines, including very expensive luxury and niche lines, but none of them come close to Tatcha! I’m a Tatcha fan for life!”

“I was having some skin barrier issues…my face was red, itchy, dry and very uncomfortable. From the moment I started using this cream, my skin improved and now it is back, better than before. And no breakouts! My skin is sensitive and sometimes because of that, I will breakout when trying out a new product, but not this one. I’ve tried every luxury, clean moisturizer out there and this one is the best! Definitely worth every penny.”

“Absolutely love this product. Its the best skincare I have ever used and started clearing up my skin in a short amount of time. It makes your skin feel great every time you use it. I used to have acne almost all the time now its maybe once a month or less. Your skin gets clearer and honestly I feel confident going out without makeup.”

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