Sauce Gardner won’t ever forget Jessica Alba after latest equipment gift

Jets star cornerback Sauce Gardner got shafted for not knowing Jessica Alba’s name. Now, all he has to do is look down.

New York Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner can look like Mr. Fantastic at times, stretching and contorting his body to swat away deep balls and pick off passes. Whereas the real Mr. Fantastic was hopelessly in love with Storm, Gardner had no idea who she was — the actress who played her, that is.

Gardner and Jessica Alba got into a friendly shoulder-knocking recently when it was revealed that the DROY didn’t recognize Alba at a Knicks game in Madison Square Garden. Blame Aaron Rodgers for calling him out.

It turns out Gardner had seen some of Alba’s movies like “Honey” and “The Fantastic Four,” he just didn’t know her actual name.

Alba didn’t mind at all and turned the whole thing into good-natured fun, but some people sought to avenge “Honey and Storm” and make sure Gardner never forgot Alba’s name.

Mike Jordan, a shoe artist, sent custom cleats to Gardner that featured Jessica Alba’s main characters, Honey from the titular hip-hop flick and Strom from “Fantastic Four”, on the outside of the shoe.

Jets CB Sauce Gardner gets custom Jessica Alba cleats

Jordan wrote on Instagram: “My guy @saucegardner didn’t ask for these but it had to be done. Here’s to new friendships!”

Honestly, Mike Jordan probably should have also written the name “Jessica Alba” on those cleats since Gardner already knew the name of her movie characters. He just didn’t know Alba’s name.

In any case, this should all be added to the meta-archive to ensure Gardner never forgets Alba’s name again. Gardner’s celebrity-packed field trip to MSG with chaperone Aaron Rodgers will go down in Jets history as a cautionary tale and legendary fable, not to mention it reminds the rest of us just how old we are.

Everyone came out happy in the end: Jessica Alba got a little extra publicity just in case there were other people in the world who couldn’t pinpoint her name. As for the young Jets defender, Sauce gets a little extra “Honey” drizzled on his footwear next season, and he’s going to bring the “Storm” to any top wideout he faces in 2023.

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