Saquon Barkley proudly wore Giants jersey at Rangers-Islanders game

New York Giants star running back Saquon Barkley proudly displayed his Giants Blue during the NHL’s Winter Classic between the New York Rangers and the New York Islanders at MetLife Stadium on Sunday.

Barkley, an impending free agent who will be eligible to receive the franchise tag by the Giants beginning Tuesday (until March 5), appeared with fellow Giants teammates Sterling Shepard and Tommy DeVito on stage with an array of Jets players before the game began.

Barkley appeared multiple times in interviews with the ESPN crew during the game but did not mention his contract status with the club.

Two weeks ago at the Super Bowl in Las Vegas, Barkley made it clear where he wants to be come the 2024 NFL season.

“They (the Giants’ front office) know where I want to be,” Barkley said in an interview with the New York Post’s Ryan Dunleavy.

“Ownership said they want me to be a Giant for life, too. Last year, we tried our best at the end. Business happened, and we didn’t get it done.”

Should the Giants slap the franchise tag on Barkley it could cost them in the neighborhood of $12.4 million this season.

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