Sam Smith Debuts Daring Look While Modeling at Paris Fashion Week

Sam Smith is not too good at goodbyes—but they nail a first impression.

The “Unholy” singer surprised Paris Fashion Week attendees with their runway debut at Vivienne Westwood’s Fall/Winter 2024 show, where Sam modeled not one, but two looks from the legendary designer.

Sam first revealed an edgy and risky ensemble by rocking an olive green long-sleeved v-neck shirt under a red plaid shawl with a high-waisted green plaid kilt. They accessorized with red argyle knee-high socks, green heels and a headwrap of tulle and plaid, as well as a wooden walking stick in hand.

The Grammy winner’s second look for the show featured a black floor-length gown accented with a plaited cut-out pattern, a black dotted halter top, a black hat adorned with tulle and a leather duffel back to match. 

And it’s only fitting for Sam, whose style has evolved significantly since the beginning of their music career with the help of stylist Ben Reardon. In fact, Sam was once afraid to experiment before finding a signature style.

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