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Your independent sign can take a little break from going it alone this month. Every June, the Sun visits the two most relationship-oriented sectors of your chart, traveling through Gemini and your partnership zone, then plunging into Cancer and your intimate eighth house at the June 21 summer solstice. 

Retrograde high season begins in the second half of June as Saturn (June 17) and Neptune (June 30) join Pluto in reverse gear for the next few months. Saturn and Neptune will both backpedal through Pisces and your domestic fourth house, prompting you to make structural changes around your living situation and family.

On June 11, Pluto backs out of Aquarius and into Capricorn until early next year, leaving your communication house and taking one of its final, transformative dives into your money and security sector. Between now and November 2024, Pluto will toggle between these two signs.

You’ll have your fair share of introspection and reflection to do this month, Sagittarius, so give yourself plenty of space for that. As much as you love to figure things out on your own, too much DIY-ing will be counterproductive. Partner up with people whose skills and superpowers complement yours. Together, you’ll go faster and farther!

It’s Gemini season until June 21

Your independent spirit could use a vacation from time to time, and this month, you’ll get one. The Sun is paying its annual visit to Gemini and your committed-relationship house until June 21, giving you cosmic permission to lean on your circle and forge dynamic duos. 

In fact, you might NEED that extra support. The energizing Sun is at its farthest distance from Sagittarius while it’s in your opposite sign of Gemini, a time when your own life-force energy is lower than usual. Let Team Sag help you through the heavy emotions or brief bouts of melancholy that could surge up now.

In business and romance, the Gemini Sun prompts you to take inventory of your inner circle. Whose skills and interests mesh best with yours? Where could your friendships and long-term bonds be more balanced? Have the “difficult conversations” if need be. From contracts to commitments, things could turn official, especially at the June 18 Gemini new moon. If you’re currently flying solo, you could meet someone who turns out to be a major figure in your life. 

The yearly Sagittarius full moon arrives June 3

It’s your moment! On June 3, the year’s only Sagittarius full moon makes it impossible to suppress your voice or hide from the spotlight. This is a peak moment that you’ve been building toward all year, one that can bring untold freedom or attention to your passion projects. Circle this date for any big launches and splashy announcements—or a much-needed dose of “me time.” Let your loved ones know what happiness looks like to you, spelling it out if you must. Once you paint that vivid picture, it will be easier for them to support your quest. Just make sure they don’t feel totally left out of the fun!

Pluto retrograde backs into Capricorn on June 11

Is it time to transform your mindset around money and abundance—for once and for all? The next year and a half is a crucial time to do that as Pluto makes its final rounds through Capricorn and your financial sector, wrapping up a 16-year chapter.

Shadowy Pluto, the ruler of transformation and the unconscious, has been retrograde since May 1, when it began its backward slide through Aquarius and your communication zone. On June 11, Pluto will slip back into Capricorn for the rest of the retrograde, staying in your money and security sector until January 21, 2024. Next year, Pluto will volley between Capricorn and Aquarius, finally settling into Aquarius for a 20-year run in November 2024. 

The message? It’s a time to be more careful with your resources, which could send you back to the drawing board with a project or force you to tighten your budgetary belt. You may need to scale back your ideas or roll them out in phases for the rest of this year. Err on the conservative side and put a solid plan in place before moving forward. 

Since Pluto is a psychological planet that influences our unconscious thoughts, tackle your limiting beliefs around abundance. If you’re stuck in a scarcity mindset, you could draw people and experiences that mirror this and reinforce your fear-based misconceptions. Yes, Sagittarius, it’s a vicious cycle—but one you can break by becoming aware of these thoughts and challenging them. 

You can simultaneously reinforce your sense of security by taking responsible actions and staying aware of your spending, saving and earning habits. Download an app like Mint to track your budget or work with a financial adviser to help you get a clear vision for your fiscal future and plan for it.

Saturn turns retrograde in Pisces on June 17

In the second half of June, Saturn turns retrograde, a reflective backspin that calls for self-examination before you make any hasty moves or decisions. Saturn will reverse through Pisces and your domestic fourth house. Plans to start a family, buy a home or to move could slow down while Saturn reverses from June 17 to November 4.

During this stretch, you may need a little extra solitude to sift through what it is you truly desire for your personal and domestic life. You may have been so hyper-focused on changing your lifestyle, moving or tending to family that you’ve barely taken the time to breathe. Now you can be proactive about getting some much-needed space and reconnecting with your emotions. Take up a twice-weekly yoga practice or try a meditation challenge to help you re-center. 

If an old childhood wound flares up around this time, seek guidance through therapy or the wisdom of an older, more experienced family member. Find solace in the company of someone who’s been there, and listen wholeheartedly to what they have to say. Since the fourth house rules mothers and women, you could reconnect with a maternal figure. Or, if things have gotten co-dependent between you and a close person, Saturn retrograde could be a good time to take a little space and breathing room.

The Gemini new moon is on June 18

Dynamic duos, let’s go! From contracts to commitments, things could turn official at the June 18 Gemini new moon. This fresh-start moment opens a new chapter for partnerships, whether you’re improving an existing one or testing your chemistry with someone new. If you’re currently flying solo, you could meet someone who winds up playing a major role in your life. Let the synergy unfold between now and the November 27 Gemini full moon. 

Father’s Day is on June 18 in the U.S., and this new moon can be a fruitful time to put energy into your bond with your dad or an important father figure in your life. But be careful if you’re celebrating with family. Emo Neptune, which is in your family sector, is forming a tense 90-degree square to this new moon. You might get served a guilt trip or feel some unsettling vibes from other relatives today. If you’re thinking about introducing a special person to your dad, this is probably NOT the moment to do it. (And PS, just because it’s his day doesn’t mean your padre gets a free pass to comment on your love life!)

Summer solstice! Cancer season starts June 21

You’ll be in the mood to slip off the grid starting June 21, when the Sun enters Cancer and your private, intimate eighth house for a month. With el Sol here for the next month, a sexy summertime affair could spark up. Overall, you’ll just feel more sensual in your skin. (Nothing wrong with any of that, Sag!) Try slowing down and adopting a leisurely pace. Recharge your batteries and escape the crowds. Carve out time in your cocoon—whether that’s in a hidden hammock or on a beach blanket with a juicy bclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” ook. 

Cancer season begins at the summer solstice, when the Sun reaches its peak height in the northern hemisphere and appears to “stand still” for three days. While that’s not your on-the-go sign’s normal style, taking a page from el Sol now wouldn’t be the worst idea. Use this time for reflection and research and you could make major headway on a project.

Mars-Uranus square June 25

Easy there, Archer! With speedy Mars blazing through Leo and your expansive ninth house until July 10, Sagittarians are in the mood to supersize everything. But is your “more, bigger, faster” approach approaching a crasclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” h? Your legendary impatience could bite you on June 25, when Mars gets snared in a heated square with volatile Uranus in your health and organization zone. The devil’s in the details, Archer, and there’s no skipping over those crucial fine points. Stress levels could skyrocket, leading to a meltdown if you insist on too much multitasking. While you don’t have the luxury of slamming on the brakes, racing too far above the speed limit will put you on a collision course you’ll want to avoid. Slow down, read the fine print and do this right! 

Neptune turns retrograde June 30

Starting June 30, Neptune will join Saturn in its retrograde through Pisces and your domestic fourth house, downshifting until December 6. Warning: This can muddle plans to change your living situation or stir up old tension with a relative (most likely female). You could get bitten by the redecorating bug, so enjoy this slower pace and get creative feathering your nest. Neptune rules water and plumbing. Check your pipes, washing machine, faucets and anything H2O-related at home for damage. And of course, take extra care to stay hydrated yourself.

Got mama drama? Or are you having a hard time setting boundaries with a child or dealing with the ache of an empty nest? Neptune retrograde helps you navigate the complexities of family ties and untangle a few knots. Your own nurturing side will need a good outlet, though you should aim for a quick fix. Babysit a friend’s dog for a weekend instead of adopting a pet, take a niece or nephew out for an afternoon, Airbnb at an awesomely decorated home for a night or two instead of uprooting. When Neptune turns direct in the fall, you can make a more permanent move.

Retrogrades push us to look closer, go deeper and resolve the past. Reconnect with your lineage (if there was ever a time to order one of those DNA-testing kits to find your ancestry…) or visit a sentimental spot from your childhood. This cycle can be fruitful for working through any guilt or co-dependence that’s keeping you locked in old family dynamics and causing you to reenact them with friends, lovers or colleagues. With mystical Neptune here, you might connect with a departed loved one through the help of a psychic medium—or by opening yourself up to communication from them through dreams and signs. 

Bring on the romantic adventures! This June, the love planets, Venus and Mars, are almost exclusively in Leo and your expansive and worldly ninth house. Sagittarius, you don’t need much prompting (if any) to seek novelty. Let your curiosity lead the way in love. 

Passionate Mars has been in Leo since May 20 and will be here until July 10. A long-distance love, a vacation fling or a sexy trip for two? Yes please! Strong chemistry could combust with someone who’s from a very different background than yours or diverges from your usual type.

On June 5, Venus shifts gears and lands in Leo and your adventurous ninth house (until October 8), which will get your free-spirited side in sync with the lusty vibes of Mars. It doesn’t mean you’ll leave anyone in the lurch, but you may not be so hellbent on locking down commitments. You’ll be in a perpetually curious state of mind, turned on by philosophical conversations with worldly people.

Normally Venus stays in one sign for about a month, but it will stay in Leo for FOUR whole months. Sounds lovely, except this protracted visit happens only because Venus will be retrograde from July 22 to September 3, a time that can challenge even the strongest relationships. 

Upon entering Leo on June 5, Venus will face off against shadowy Pluto in your third house of communication. Your thoughts and words could start to reflect old fears or patterns you thought you’d left behind. This could be a sneak preview of some of the mindset work you’ll need to do in a few weeks during Venus retrograde. For now, pay attention to your internal dialogue. Note (and even jot down) some of the recurring thoughts and things that you say to yourself. Are they kind and true, or are you being unfairly hard on yourself, Sag?

Partner up and prosper! With the Sun in Gemini and your seventh house of one-on-one relationships until June 21—and the year’s only Gemini new moon arriving on June 18—your independent sign will thrive by proactively teaming up. Seek out people whose skills complement yours and work your superpowers together. Hammer out the terms of collaborations, with an eye toward fairness. Firm up agreements and contracts: Putting formal terms in place gives you a beautiful starting point.

With go-getter Mars in Leo and your visionary ninth house from May 20 until July 10, one of your supersized ideas could take flight. Anything involving travel, publishing education or entrepreneurship could be especially successful.

On June 21, the Sun moves into Cancer and your eighth house of joint ventures and shared wealth, making things REALLY official. Mars is here from June 4 to July 20, while the Sun is here for a month. Mutual projects and long-term finances heat up, which can be equal parts exciting and stressful.

Is abundance not flowing the way you’d like? Rather than play nice or keep up appearances, drill down into the nitty-gritty of your energy blocks. If there are hidden motivations or concerns for either party, bring ’em out into the open. Confront issues head-on, whether financial or emotional. That will transform your heavy-hitting partnerships, helping you make magic again.

A powerful investor or adviser could breathe life into a promising project. Check out real estate deals, stock market opportunities and other ways of making your cash work for you. But first things first: Before you make any big moves, put yourself into a money-magnetizing mindset. Adopt mantras to affirm your own worth, so that others can recognize it, too. Bring crystal clarity to any areas where things are confusing or undefined. Keep your eyes on the lucrative prize! 

Love Days: 12, 16

Money Days: 23, 6

Luck Days: 21, 3

Off Days: 14, 18, 29

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