Rudy Gobert: Bond with Karl-Anthony Towns thrives on mutual success

Photo: Peter Baba

In discussing his connection with Karl-Anthony Towns, both on and off the court, the Minnesota Timberwolves big man Rudy Gobert emphasized the importance of wanting each other to succeed, as reported by Jim Souhan of The Star Tribune.

Gobert highlighted the unstoppable nature of their bond when the foundation is built on mutual support and a shared desire for each other’s success.

He expressed that trust is crucial, especially in times of adversity, knowing that they can lift each other up. Gobert extended this sentiment beyond their individual relationship, seeing it as a team dynamic with a championship mentality.

“When you create that bond, it’s unstoppable,” Gobert said. “Adversity comes and it doesn’t matter. You know that you trust each other. You know when one is down, the other is going to lift him up and push him.

“We’re talking about me and KAT, but I think as a team, that’s what I’m feeling right now. And I think that’s a championship mentality.”

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