Rachel Bilson Shares She’s Had Multiple Miscarriages

“It was a really cool experience except that was Briar’s first concert and I’m like, ‘Well, where do you go from here?'” she previously said on her podcast. “For my daughter to see this, I think it’s so rad. It’s one woman, she writes her own s–t, she’s really talented and does it. And look what she’s done. If anything, it’s the most inspiring thing I’ve ever seen.”

And back in 2019, Rachel shared a glimpse into her life as a mom.

“I haven’t slept in four and a half years!” she joked in an interview with She Knows. “But you just feel like you really are living a life with a purpose. Setting an example for her is the most important. So, in that, it’s like every move you make you know is being watched, so you have to consider things a little more carefully.”

As for tips on raising a daughter? As Rachel put it, “You can’t keep them bubbled up forever, but you can try to just set a perfect—not a perfect, but a good example.”

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