Pregnant Lala Kent Reveals the Sex of Baby No. 2

When it came to choosing a sperm donor, Lala admitted, “I have to say looks were probably the lowest on the totem pole for me. I hate to say it but I also didn’t need them to be extremely smart, because I’m not.”

However, one donor’s bio caught the star’s eye for a very personal reason.

“His favorite animal was a lion,” Lala added. “The song that he chose as his favorite and the poem both had to do with the ocean.”

One thing that was important to Lala? That he look aesthetically similar to her and Ocean. “I just wanted to eliminate any sort of toughness for them,” she added, “because the world is already tough when you come from a totally normal family.”

As for how Ocean feels about becoming a big sister, the Give Them Lala podcast host revealed her daughter is aware their family is expanding.

“I didn’t really tell her in some big way,” Lala said. “She wanted to sit on me and I was like, ‘You have to be really careful because mom has a baby in her belly.’ And she goes, ‘Mommy has a baby in her belly?’ I say ‘yeah’ and she says ‘lemme see!'”

Keep reading to see Lala’s stunning VPR season 11 reunion look, plus the rest of the cast’s outfits.

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