Pregnant Lala Kent Claps Back at Haters Over Naked Selfie

It’s Lala Kent‘s pregnancy and she’s gonna do what she wants to.

And what the Vanderpump Rules star wants to do is keep posting naked selfies from her second pregnancy, even if it means having to clap back at the critics who tell her to stop.

“Keep clutching your pearls, Jans,” Lala wrote on Instagram Stories April 17 alongside a naked mirror selfie, showing off her pregnant belly. “I’ll be dropping triple Bs on you for the next 5 months. Try not to have a heart attack over it.”

But what are the “Triple Bs?” The 33-year-old—who recently announced she’s having a girl—is here to enlighten you.

“So many of you are wondering, ‘What are Triple Bs? Lala’s gonna be dropping Triple Bs on us for the next five months? What, what is Triple Bs?'” she said on Instagram Stories April 18. “It’s boobs, bump and butt.”

“That’s what it means,” she added with a laugh. “So now you know. You heard it here first, I just made it up.”

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