PLLs’ Lindsey Shaw Details Being Fired Amid Drug Addiction

Lindsey Shaw is getting candid about the events she says led to her firing from Pretty Little Liars.

The actress recently recalled battling substance abuse and body image struggles while playing the recurring role of Paige McCullers—a love interest of cast member Shay Mitchell‘s character Emily Fields, on the teen series.

“When I had my drug problem and I was in between working on stuff, I would never have to address my relationship with food because I was always like, ‘Oh, I could always just go get more Adderall.’ Do you know what I mean? And like, be okay with it,” Shaw said on the July 5 episode of Ned’s Declassified Podcast Survival Guide podcast. “I got basically let go from Pretty Little Liars in season five because of the weight that I had lost, and it was really an embarrassing, embarrassing thing.”

She continued, “I didn’t look good too skinny and then, when I started to put the weight back on, I couldn’t handle it being too heavy. So it kind of played into this dumb cycle.”

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