Please Gather Around the Firepit & Shop the Love Island USA Villa ASAP

It’s time to move on to the pinnacle of all things Love Island USA-core: Home goods. Well, Villa goods, really. The Love Island USA villa is positively overflowing with poolside chairs, inflatable rafts, and more that make us wish we could rent out the place ourselves once a winning couple has been crowned.

I mean, how are even the toasters cute, you know? So, decor-heads, you can find all of your “Around The Villa” needs — from home gym essentials to coffee mug must-haves — right here.

Finally, if there’s one word that could be used to describe the Love Island USA aesthetic, it would absolutely be “neon.” (“Sexy” is a close second.) Winky phrases, designated area labels, actual directions, and more: All of them (or at least, most) are thanks to signature signage from Yellowpop. Bold, bright, and easy to install, Yellowpop designs set any room apart from the rest. 

That’s about everything you need to live like an Islander from Love Island USA Season 5.

Just in time, too, since I need to run — I’ve got a text!

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