PJ Tucker wasn’t expecting to be traded

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P.J. Tucker expressed surprise at being unexpectedly included in the James Harden trade to the Los Angeles Clippers.

According to Tucker, the deal also caught Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid off guard, adding an element of unpredictability to the trade that affected multiple players.

“I wasn’t expecting to get traded, so I didn’t know. It kind of came out of nowhere,” Tucker said. “And from what I know, he didn’t know either. But you never know with this stuff, man. It’s the NBA. You never know.”

Tucker clarified that he had no intention of leaving the Sixers, dispelling rumors that suggested he and Harden were a package deal.

Despite the unexpected trade, Tucker expressed his commitment to the Philadelphia team.

“James’ situation had nothing to do with me,” Tucker said. “As much as I get thrown in it, I’m kind of a casualty in that sense.”

Despite the initial surprise and desire to stay with the Sixers, Tucker is now content with the opportunity to compete for a championship with the LA Clippers.

“I don’t want to play if I’m not playing for a team that has a chance to win it,” Tucker said. “Eighteen years, if I’m not chasing that then I can’t play. There’s no point.

“And this team definitely has a chance. You look at our personnel. I don’t know how many teams that have it on paper like we do.”

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