Paul Alexander, Who Spent 70 Years in an Iron Lung, Dead at 78

Paul Alexander, Who Spent 70 Years in an Iron Lung, Dead at 78

The man in the iron lung has passed away after leading an extraordinary life.

Paul Alexander, who was confined to living in and using a cylindrical negative-pressure ventilator for over 70 years after contracting polio as a child, died March 11. his family confirmed. He was 78.

“It was an honor to be part of someone’s life who was as admired as he was. He touched and inspired millions of people and that is no exaggeration,” his brother Philip Alexander wrote on Facebook March 12. “To me Paul was just a brother..same as yours..loving, giving advice, and scolding when necessary, and also a pain in the a–..normal brother stuff. He commanded a room..What a flirt! He loved good food, wine, women, long conversations, learning, , and laughing. I will miss him so much. RiP.”

The cause of Paul’s death was not shared. In recent weeks, his social media manager noted the author was facing health struggles, stating in a Feb. 26 TikTok that the author had been hospitalized and tested positive for COVID-19.

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