Pamela Anderson’s Latest Makeup-Free Look Is Simply Stunning

Pamela Anderson is still putting the “bae” in Baywatch.

The 56-year-old continued her 2023 trend of going makeup-free in a new campaign for The Laundress, which she announced in a Dec. 28 Instagram video. Looking stunning in a simple white dress and white coat with her signature blond hair up in a messy bun, the actress explained why partnering with the clothing and fabric care company was a natural fit for her.

“I don’t look at laundry as a chore—I look at it as a time to kind of get away, a time for yourself,” Anderson shared while giving fans an intimate sneak peek inside her remote, seaside Vancouver home. “It’s meditative, I play a little music. This is honestly my happy place.” 

In her caption, the Pamela: A Love Story star revealed she makes the household duty fun by pouring herself a cup of coffee or even a glass of rosé.

“You just gotta have fun with everything you do,” she added in the promo. “I think that’s kind of been my thing, is that no matter what you’re doing, you’re just having some fun.”

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