Nick Lachey’s Son Had the Funniest Reaction to His Old Shirtless Pics

If there’s one thing Nick Lachey can rely on his children to do, it’s keeping him humble.

The Love Is Blind host has already exposed his kids—Camden, 9, Brooklyn, 7, and Phoenix, 5—to his days as a ’90s pop star. But nothing could have prepared him for their reaction to one of his old shirtless pics.

“My son, Camden, looked at it,” Nick exclusively told E! News’ Daily Pop on June 15. “He says, ‘Who photoshopped daddy’s body?'”

The pic in question was a 10-year-old vacation photo dug up by his wife, Vanessa Lachey. “It was me coming out of the water,” Nick said. “I was all ripped up. It was when I was in shape.”

While his kids love to embarrass him, he always gets them right back, telling Daily Pop, “I feel like that’s part of my responsibility as a loving father is to embarrass them as much as I can.”

He added, “My kids think I’m corny. I’m the guy that pulls up for the carpool drop-off at school and bumps the music.”

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