NFL power rankings, Week 6: Giants rise, Broncos fall

In our Week 6 NFL power rankings, the New York Giants are getting their respect while the Denver Broncos are in absolute free-fall.


Pittsburgh Steelers 1-4

Last rank: 30th

The Steelers can’t get off the field, and they can barely score a point.


Houston Texans 1-3-1

Last rank: 32nd

The Texans finally won, and now we’re assured nobody is joining the Winless Club.


Washington Commanders 1-4

Last rank: 29th

It’s time to find a real quarterback come this offseason. The question is whether Ron Rivera will still be in town.


Carolina Panthers 1-4

Last rank: 28th

Matt Rhule is only the first domino.


Chicago Bears 2-3

Last rank: 31st

Chicago has a real chance to get to 3-3. Who would have ever thought?


Detroit Lions 1-4

Last rank: 24th

Man, the Lions were supposed to be fun. Instead, Detroit is only fun for opponents.


Indianapolis Colts 2-2-1

Last rank: 25th

The Colts are somehow .500 despite looking completely rudderless offensively.


New England Patriots 2-3

Last rank: 27th

Bailey Zappe? Bailey Zappe! And a killer defensive showing last week.


New York Jets 3-2

Last rank: 26th

Jets’ fans should celebrate. The record is a bit smoke and mirrors, but New York is finally showing something.


Seattle Seahawks 2-3

Last rank: 23rd

Geno Smith might be a real answer. Who the hell would have thought that?


Cleveland Browns 2-3

Last rank: 22nd

The Browns should have beaten the Chargers, but couldn’t hit a field goal. Also, that Jacoby Brissett interception? Brutal.


Atlanta Falcons 2-3

Last rank: 21st

Atlanta has one of the least-talented roster in the league, but the coaching is good and the effort is excellent.


Denver Broncos 2-3

Last rank: 14th

What can be said that hasn’t already been? Hideous football.


Las Vegas Raiders 1-3

Last rank: 19th


Arizona Cardinals 2-3

Last rank: 17th

Kyler Murray needs to be much, much better. It’s not getting the job done.


Jacksonville Jaguars 2-3

Last rank: 13th

Remember when the Jaguars were going to be a frisky contender? Haven’t looked the part over the past two weeks.


New Orleans Saints 2-3

Last rank: 20th

New Orleans is hanging around. The offense and defense both need work, but the Saints aren’t buried.


Tennessee Titans 3-2

Last rank: 18th

Three straight weeks going into the bye week, and suddenly the Titans are a real team.


Los Angeles Rams 2-3

Last rank: 11th

Holy crap somebody block.


Los Angeles Chargers 3-2

Last rank: 15th

Brandon Staley is his own worst enemy, but despite it all, the Chargers are 3-2.


Cincinnati Bengals 2-3

Last rank: 8th

The line isn’t good enough, and Joe Burrow has to find explosive plays with his receivers.


New York Giants 4-1

Last rank: 16th

Love the effort and the fight from the Giants. Coming back from a 17-3 deficit, in London, against Aaron Rodgers? That’s talking.


Miami Dolphins 3-2

Last rank: 5th

Miami needs to survive the toughest type of injury; the starting quarterback.


Dallas Cowboys 4-1

Last rank: 12th

Cooper Rush has been terrific, but Dak Prescott will get his job back. That said, he owes Rush a steak dinner for al he’s done.


Green Bay Packers 3-2

Last rank: 4th

At some point, the defense needs to figure out its scheme and the receivers have to uncover.


San Francisco 49ers 3-2

Last rank: 10th

San Francisco is now dealing with defensive injuries, but this is a contender.


Baltimore Ravens 3-2

Last rank: 9th

Justin Tucker is the greatest kicker of all-time. No contest.


Minnesota Vikings 4-1

Last rank: 7th

The Vikings have some warts, but they deserve shine. Sitting at 4-1, with a win over the Packers, atop the NFC North.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-2

Last rank: 6th

Once the Bucs get their offense rolling, they’re going to be a force in the NFC.


Kansas City Chiefs 3-1

Last rank: 3rd


Buffalo Bills 4-1

Last rank: 2nd

Nobody is more terrifying than the Bills when they get rolling.


Philadelphia Eagles 5-0

Last rank: 1st

Unbeaten, and undeterred despite a tough game in Arizona.

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