New York Giants’ Drew Lock could earn $3 million in incentives in 2024

At the onset of free agency, the New York Giants signed quarterback Drew Lock to a one-year, $5 million deal but as it turns out, that number was somewhat understated.

Dan Duggan of The Athletic reports that Lock has the potential to earn $3 million in additional incentives, making it a one-year contract worth up to $8 million.

Lock’s contract includes $1 million in playing time incentives, $1 million in performance incentives, and $1 million in playing time/team performance incentives.

Per Duggan, they are broken down as follows:

  • $250K for 40-49% of snaps
  • $250K for 50-59% of snaps
  • $250K for 60-69% of snaps
  • $250K for 70+% of snaps
  • $250K for 92.5 passer rating
  • $250K for 65% completion
  • $250K for 15 TD passes and 88 passer rating
  • $250K for 2,000 yards passing and 88 passer rating

The playing time/performance incentives are broken down similarly to what the Giants gave running back Saquon Barkley last year on his modified franchise tag.

  • $500K for 55-69% of snaps and a playoff berth
  • $500K for 70+% and playoff berth

Although Daniel Jones will start for the Giants when healthy, the team is clearly wary of his injury history and built Lock’s contract around those concerns.

Should Jones miss time in 2024, Lock will have the opportunity to earn a nice chunk of change.

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