New York Giants’ Daniel Jones can be a top-5 QB, says Tiki Barber

New York Giants Ring of Honoree and all-time great, Tiki Barber, rarely lauded Eli Manning as one the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

Barber’s opinion of Manning’s predecessor, Daniel Jones, is quite different, however. He believes Jones could be on his way to become a “top five” player at his position.

In short, Tiki believes Daniel Jones has what it takes to become “elite”.

Speaking on his radio show with Evan Roberts on WFAN in New York, the Giants’ all-time leading rusher was confident in his assessment of Jones, even though Jets fan Roberts openly laughed at the mere notion of Jones being mentioned in the same breath as Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen and others.

Let’s keep in mind that Jones is being tutored by the same minds that tutored Mahomes and Allen.

Giants current head coach, Brian Daboll, is largely credited with Allen’s development, and offensive coordinator Mike Kafka was Mahomes’ position coach in Kansas City.

Barber’s statement isn’t too far off. With an uptick of passing yards and touchdowns, Jones’ status will be elevated, as he has all the other numbers that quarterbacks are rated on.

Fantasy football enthusiasts already know Jones’ value. In 2022, he ranked eighth among quarterbacks and 20th overall on DraftKings with 303.0 fantasy points.

With an upgraded receiving corps. now at his disposal, he can easily crack into the top five this year.

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