New York Giants among NFL’s most-fined teams over last five seasons

So much for the New York Giants being one of the most disciplined teams in the NFL.

A study conducted by revealed the Giants have been one of the most-fined teams in the NFL over the past five seasons, shelling out an estimated $5.42 million in fines.

The Giants are one of just five teams to have paid out over $5 million in fines over that period.

The Arizona Cardinals have led the way with $9.2 million in fines followed by the Cleveland Browns ($8.4 million) and Denver Broncos ($6.4 million). The Giants came in fourth at $5.42 million.

The Giants were way down on the list last season, only paying out $147,209 in fines.

Much of the Giants’ $5.4 number comes from former wide receiver Golden Tate, who was fined over $1.7 million by himself alone.

Tate has not played for the Giants since 2020.

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