Moriah Mills calls out Zion Williamson again

Photo: New Orleans Pelicans/Twitter

Adult film star Moriah Mills took to Twitter again on Friday to call out the New Orleans Pelicans forward Zion Williamson, days after his apparent girlfriend, Ahkeema, revealed they’re expecting a baby girl in November.

“I didn’t get played I got lied to which is my issue @Zionwilliamson gifted me every time I saw him very nicely I have no complaints he always gave me gifts of what I asked for. it’s just he betrayed my trust having a baby on me. He a old soul that’s why he dated older women it’s all good. Played is if you didn’t get any type of gift I’m a women at the end of the day not stupid !!!” Mills tweeted.

In a separate post, Mills stated she “got emotionally played not financially know the difference.”

“At the end of the day most men don’t want women that’s working and making money for herself. So I could see why he went for the low budget. Even rich men want to feel like a provider man. That’s in y’all nature and that is why I was willing to leave the internet and everything for him,” she tweeted.

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